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Supply Chain Solutions

Our integrated sourcing and manufacturing operations can provide a complete service to potential partners to assist with the reduction of internal operational overheads, improving working capital and developing positive cash flows.

State of the Art Manufacturing

Support from our talented pool of Engineers

Access our Industry Knowledge

Improved Stock Management

Maximise Efficiency

Reactive to Demand - Scalability


Allowing you to focus on your core competencies

As a global leader in supplying electrical components to the power distribution market, MSS has the capability to design and manufacture Wind Energy specific solutions to your requirements.

Lightning Protection (All turbine)

Earth Bars
Grounding Braids
Low voltageinsulators

Generators (Nacelle)

Rotor Connector Pieces
Stator Connector Pieces
Copper Flange Plugs
Copper Flanges

Tower Components

Cable Couplers
Cable Cleats
Copper Clamps (Bus trunking)
Copper Braided Connectors

WTG Switchgear

Rigid Connectors
Copper Flexible Connectors

G Corner

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G Corner has established itself as a market leading global supplier to the metals refinery and chemicals extraction market. With a proven ability to provide a comprehensive package of products and services, we assist clients in managing the lifecycle of their projects, from day-to-day requirements to whole site refurbishments.

Our design and development team are experienced in mechanical and electrical engineering design which includes product development, analysis, manufacturing solutions, and change management. We offer our expertise and services to various base metal refineries and chemical plants.

End Cell Apron Busbar

Laminated Flexibles

 Solid or water-cooled Intercell Busbars

High Current DC Busbars

Shorting Frame

Steel Core or Solid Copper

Large Projects

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Collaborative Design Process

Fabrication of bespoke Busbar Systems

Installation, Supervision and on-site Training

Refurbishment/Expansion Programmes

Service Packaging