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CSR and Sustainability

CSR, thinking about our employees, stakeholders and the wider environment


  • Committed to creating a sustainable future
  • Adopting cleaner production methods, promoting efficient use of energy and environmentally friendly technologies
  • Offsetting Carbon footprint through large scale tree planting and other Co2 offsetting activities
  • 10% of our groups current power consumption derives from solar panels
  • 90% of our lead and 100% of our brass supply comes from recycled material. Any wooden material from packing is recycled to make boxes for DCB project shipments


  • The MSS group employs over 600 people globally
  • Health and Safety Week with competitions and lectures
  • Learning and development programmes adapted to suit the needs and interest of our employees
  • Celebration on Environment Day


  • Funded special projects for the local Salvation Army
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Donations to Local Schools
  • Donations to Prime Minister Relief Fund
  • Donations to Tata Memorial Centre
  • Donations to Rural Education
  • Promotion of Education & Eradicating hunger
  • For financial year FY19 the group has donated $100,000 for CSR activities